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Measures were taken for restriction of access to high school to natives of the lower layers. In the summer of 1887 the circular which among the progressive public received the name of the circular "about kukharsky children" is issued.

In 1878 the Maryinogorsky state agricultural school was open. It treated the general lowest agricultural schools of the first category. At school there was a farm at a rate of 150 dessiatinas of the earth. In livestock economy breeding animals got divorced. One of the purposes of existence of school, together with training of specialists. There was a distribution among peasants of the advanced farming practices. For participation in the agricultural exhibition organized by the Minsk agricultural association, the Maryinogorsky school was awarded by a gold medal.

All noted types of vocational schools existed in the territory of Belarus one of the first professional educational institution there was a Goratsky vocational school opened in 1872 on the basis of Goratsky mechanical plant.

Due to the development of railway transport in 1878 the Gomel technical railway school is opened. The term of training lasts till five years. Having received qualification workers went to repair shops of the Libovo-Romensky railroad.

The numerous group of historical sources is put by literary works. Developing in close connection with civil life, having felt influence of time, they are a specific form of identification of spiritual life of the people.

In Belarus there was a number of special agricultural schools: Zenovyevsky school of garden workers (, Practical school of cattle-farmers in Lyavki's estate, Zhdanovichevsky women's school of a dairy farming, the Bobruisk school of gardening, truck farming and a hmelevodchestvo, Polodskaya the lowest is flatter school, etc.