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Other part of an explanation of negative influence of an inequality on economic growth lies in difference of economies of the countries of market and socialist types. It is possible to allocate eight main distinctive features in the aspect interesting us.

One more interesting reception of the analysis of the income of the population from the point of view of their differentiation consists in calculation so-called saved up, or cumulative, frequencies (shares) and creation of cumulative curves, or Lorentz's curves. Let's consider on a simple example as Lorentz's curve is under construction.

The indicator of the average income is very sensitive to increase or reduction of a share of highly profitable or low-profitable groups of the population. Not average is brought in statistics of the majority of the developed countries for the characteristic of the general level of the income, and the median level, that is level, above and below which the identical number of workers gains income. One more characteristic applied at research of the income is the fashion representing the most widespread level of the income.

Except observance of these three conditions for quality of estimation of Jeanie also is important what definitions of the data used for its calculation. First, usually changes of an inequality happen slowly, and its sharp jumps are, as a rule, connected with bad quality of definitions. Secondly, at intercountry and at intertemporary comparison of coefficients there is a problem of their comparability that demands uniformity and unambiguity of definitions.

Jump of an inequality managed to be constrained only in the third group of the countries; Jeanie's growth did not exceed three points here. In the first and second groups of the countries of Jeanie grew by 10 and 12 points respectively so compensation of reduction of wages in camps - To was not productive. However, if to distinguish the countries where Jeanie increased slightly and where it significantly grew from the Tax Code, it will become clear why recession in the Tax Code on average is less, than in To. Those countries of Tax Code group in which Jeanie's growth made to seven points, showed recession of GDP and real income for 24,3 and 28% respectively. In those countries of this group where Jeanie grew by 12,4 points above, decrease in these indicators made respectively 38 and 52%. Thus, the real income in the countries of the first group decreased much more essentially, than in the countries compensators though recession of GDP in the last was stronger.

So, after consideration of a complex of the problems connected with distribution of the income in society it is necessary to draw a difficult conclusion – yes, the situation over the last 10 years changed only aside still bigger stratification. However differentiation is necessary for normal functioning of all spheres of activity – moreover, it is a progress factor. Our task consists in that to minimize its sharp jumps, and also to reduce quantitative dispersion between very rich layers and very poor. It is possible to agree that the idea about return of socialist society comes to thought. However we proved that in communistic society differentiation too existed, only the prerequisite to profitable stratification was stratification public.

All human features (strong and weak, dexterous and clumsy, talented and ordinary, hardworking and the idler, educated and the ignoramuses forming unique individual shape of everyone define different opportunities of people in competition for the personal happiness and wellbeing.